We no longer have sleepless nights because The Multy crib makes babies feel like they are being rocked in their parent’s arms

Samantha Silvester says both she and her two young children love The Multy – as she uses it in both crib and highchair form to carry out essential every day duties for her sons Charlie and Noah.

The author of blog ‘A Mum Thing’ recently received a sample of The Multy for review purposes – and now can’t imagine life without it, saying it offers excellent value for money given the number of years use people will get from it, whilst also tackling that all-important issue if ensuring a baby establishes good sleeping habits.

“My husband and I were super excited to receive the Multy for many purposes, it’s fitted into our family lifestyle perfectly,”

“As a mum I know how daunting baby shopping can be, especially with so many different brands and styles available on the market. It's a whole new world when you are baby shopping, with so many things needing to be considered before purchasing this vital piece of baby equipment which fits into everyday life.

Some parents take the opposite approach seduced by beauty over durability.

“A babies first crib or Moses basket can easily cost well over £100 nowadays, something which will only be used for approximately 6 months and then ultimately have no other use, which makes The Multy so unique.

“From your baby's first night at home to a stylish and spacious storage system, memories will continue to be made with The Multy.”

Having experienced some problems with her baby boy Noah (born March 2016) settling to sleep, Samantha, of Swindon, Wiltshire, says the forward and backwards rocking motion of the crib has proved a major plus, as are the safety features of the high-quality manufacture.

“We no longer have sleepless nights since the crib can be adjusted to different angles to assist a baby suffering with reflux by the locking mechanism beneath the crib,” she said.

“The gentle forward and backward swing has been really beneficial, Noah hates to be put down and refuses to nap anywhere other than in mine or my husband’s arms, so the mimic of a parent settles him and he sleeps so much better.

“Babies typically spend more time in their crib than anywhere else, so comfort is very important but safety is essential. The Multy ticks all the boxes

“Unlike traditional cribs, the functional product which has the ability to serve more than one purpose can offer a safe environment for babies and help with reflux, with different angled positions and the gentle swing. The Multy is a must have product for parents”

Describing the assembly of The Multy after delivery as ‘surprisingly simple’, Samantha says she has found converting to different stages doesn't take too long, something she has put to use with a three-month-old using it for a crib and an almost three-year-old boy using it as a highchair.

“The simple design makes cleaning easier and comfortably sits a child safely seated with a 5 point harness. The curved design mean little ones can be head of table, the tray is easily removable to allow children to join family meal times around the table. The adjustable footrest means the highchair will grow with your child. It’s very stylish and has a modern finish,” she adds.

Taking into account The Multy’s ability to also be used to provide a storage option, suitable for toys and any other essentials, Samantha goes on to say: “Both me and my little boys love the Multy.

“I was so shocked when I saw the price. I expected it to cost so much more, something that will add value to your life and be used for different purposes the price really is impressive.

“The Multy is the next big thing, offering safety and comfort for your children.”