About Us

Originally established in 2015, The Multy was the brainchild of Greg, a devoted father who’s baby was unfortunately one of the many suffering with baby reflux. Greg designed a crib especially for his son, with a tilting mechanism to aid his reflux.

With the crib designed, Greg decided he wasn’t happy about the short life span of such a beautiful piece of furniture, not wanting to waste his materials and money Greg made a few tweaks and managed to create a high chair from the same materials the crib was made from. This is when The Multy was born, there was nothing on the market like it, that has multiples used for babies and could save parents so much money, time and space.

A 4 in 1 product, that will go from birth to roughly age 10, Greg knew this would soon become one of the most sought after baby products and he wasnt wrong. They went on to win multiple awards such as Gold in Made for Mums, winner in U.K. Mums TV award, Silver in Bizzie Baby and Best Baby and Toddler Gear in the consumer choice awards, to name but a few. However, Greg and his business partner were unable to continue to push the product due to the demands of life and already have successful businesses to run.

This is when Maria came in, over dinner one evening she was told all about The Multy. Maria already had a small online business in the baby/toddler sector and had 2 sons, one of which suffered horrendously with baby reflux. Maria fell in love with the product, the idea, the design, the cost saving it could provide and the whole story behind the product.

At the beginning of 2020 Maria decided to take the leap of faith and purchase the business from both Greg and his business partner, do a whole rebrand and relaunch this amazing piece of furniture. With a clear vision in mind Maria and her husband Sam are extremely excited about the future for The Multy and can’t wait to see where the business could go.

If you have any questions about the business please contact me!

Maria x